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We have loved and owned Great Danes since 2005  and I think we will always have a dane in our home - our name DANARMOR is derived from two gaelic words "Danar" meaning 'Dane" and "Mor" being "Great or Big".  We are a small family run business with a huge passion for dogs, Big, Small or fluffy - we love them all :)

Our story began in 2017 when we tried numerous dog coats to fit our giant dogs which we found to be a struggle throughout the years - so we spent a year gathering measurments for our own size chart and developed a realistic range that wasn't too small, too flimsy or too expensive  - and so our "Dante" Coat was born - which has proven to be a great success, Triple Layered it is Waterproof, Insulated which leaves it padded and warm and then Lined on the inside.

We then went on to produce our "Royal Robe" in 2019 which is heavy gauge double bonded fleece, this is available in regal wine with white doubled over neck piece and gold trim.

This year - 2020 we have developed a new style which slips over the head, adjusted around the chest with adjustable fittings either side to get the most accurate fit - Waterproof and also the luxury of faux inner lining, These are available in 80-85cm - Small and 90cm -Large (See Below)

The prototype pictured below shows a steel grey colour but we have went with a wine colour instead to make it unisex, These are available through the Great Dane Wear Page.


Next year -we hope to launch a light, waterproof only, rain coat. This will be for summer wear to keep dry and avoid overheating. 

We are also developing a natural fibre cool coat to keep our four legged friends temperatures down! Our coats have received fantastic reviews and have traveled all over the world and along the way learnt about other breeds that have had success with the fit - Irish Wolfhounds, Newfoundland, GSD, St. Bernard - so if you have a giant friend who hates the rain send an inquiry and we will do our best to help you choose a size.

Suspended Great Dane Winged Angel

Arriving later in 2021 is our suspended Great Dane Angel which can be hand painted or left Ivory coloured,

These will look beautiful on the Christmas tree or as a little keepsake charm and is available to pre-order in the shop.


Suspended Great Dane Charm / Decoration

"Runaway Heart"

Arriving later in 2021 is our Great Dane Charm / Decoration titled "Runaway Heart" available to pre-order in the shop.


Please visit our other pages to view our Snuggle Blankets,Custom Dane Signage, angel figurines and ornaments.


Also keep up to date on new products launching via our Facebook Page - Danarmor Pet Supplies.


Wolfhound Sizes

Our Coats are also suitable for Adult wolfhounds, Below is a mature male IW wearing a size 95

For Female Wolfhounds we recommend size 90.


Boxer breed specific coat

in 2019 we launched our Triple Layer Insulated Waterproof, Boxer Coat - designed specifically for the boxer dog it will be available in our original colours (Red & black trim) (Black & beige gold trim) and also an additional plaid design that we are adding to our Catalog, this plaid pattern will also be available in our giant sizes.

Great Dane Snuggle Blanket

We have two beautifully designed Great Dane themed fleece blankets, manufactured exclusively for Danarmor.

One of the designs featured Irish Great Danes and we are absolutely in love with them, You can find these in the homewares section.


Send a pocket hug to someone who might need a hug from afar, The A6 pocket hugs have a comforting message and have a handpainted wooden Great Dane finished with ribbon & bow.

They are €4.99 and this includes UK/IRE postage, I can forward this on to the recipient direct if you add their postal address at the checkout instead of your own address.

Great Dane Figurine Ornaments 

Delivery available all over Ireland, UK , Scotland & Wales. All products tried, Tested & loved by our own hungry pack!! Visit our Facebook Page to read our five star food reviews.
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