Heavy Duty Bed Covers

Those of you who are familiar with my Facebook page (Danarmor Pet Supplies) will know I have been working on these covers for the best part of a year and a half - going through many different sizes, Material types, Zip Types and testing them on my own dogs and friends dogs.


Medium/Large - 80cm x 115cm (Single) €38.99

Jumbo/Giant - 90cm x 185cm (Double) €61.50

Available in Deep Maroon Red Stunning Purple.

Made from military grade, heavy duty, ballistic material - it is water resistant (meaning the water will roll off the cover)  BUT  if this is submerged in a pool of water for an extended period of time - there may be some water soakage. The sides are trimmed with PVC to cover any leakage through the stitching. It is very hard to rip and designed dogs who like to dig.

Picture below on the left is (of one of the prototypes in) JUMBO GIANT SIZE with an adult Great Dane and a six month old Great Dane puppy to show the sheer size of this cover.

Picture on the right is of the Med/Large Bed - c/w great dane puppy.


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As stated - these are covers only and you will need to fill it by using either

1) A Single bed size duvet (which you will double over) for the Medium/Large
2) A Double duvet (Which you will double over) for the Jumbo Giant

I have over the years used an old duvet for my dogs but unfortunately they never lasted more than a week or else just stunk to high heaven - but with my cover on (Just like you would put your own duvet cover on) it should protect the contents inside. Its a great way to recycle old bedding that is still good but perhaps you don't use anymore or contains a stain etc. otherwise you can pop to any of the large department shops and get a duvet for around €15!!

This Cover will be machine washable not suitable for tumble drying and must be hung to dry.

Unless you have a 10kg washing machine - the Large cover may need to be washed in an industrial/commercial washer (that you can find now at some filling stations/community centres) due to its massive size and to make sure it gets an adequate clean.

It can be rubbed down with a damp cloth but I still advise washing the cover as its not "smell resistant".