News and Announcements

November 2019
Work has began on our Great Dane Angel Ornament / Figurine - Memorial pieces,which will be available March 2020.

The First Piece "Angel" is approx. 12cm in height with a wingspan of approx. 12cm

It will be Ivory in colour as per picture below and is the beginning of our Great Dane Ornament/Figurine Range.

April 2019

We have some new homewares due to arrive, to the NEW HOMEWARE section - Our beautiful fleece snuggle blanket and our patchwork quilt.

Boxer Coat - Size 60cm, Currently in production for Winter 2019/2020.

Great Dane Print Coat - New Colour for our catalogue "Lilac & Lime" Plaid Coat.

January 2019

Following several requests I have decided to do a teeny weeny range for smaller dogs (When I say small I mean NORMAL sized dogs lol)

Desperately cute!!! - Further information will be available soon (Colours, Sizes, Breeds etc)


January  2019

                               Our lovely purple Giant Breed Range has arrived!! Coats are available to purchase on our coat page


August 2018

We must be out of our minds but we currently have an exciting trial commencing in September where we have enlisted the help of independent reviewers to trial our "PHASE ONE PROTOTYPE RIP PROOF BED COVER" !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our first design prototypes are in production and we will be experimenting with some of the MOST PROLIFIC "serial bed killers" in all of Ireland :) - stay up to date with our Facebook page "Danarmor Pet Supplies" to see how long they last!!! This is one experiment that's really worrying us!!!

Below is our original first prototype "Still alive after 10 months"

As well specialist grain free foods we are also hoping to launch several new products created by us under our "Danarmor" registered trademark. 

March 2018 - News

We have our beautiful Danté coats arriving which we have invested a lot of thought, Time and energy on to ensure we created what we thought was the perfect "XXL" coat.

Having done several trials and sizing re-adjustments we are confident that our coats will be comfortable, Warm, Hardwearing and extremely versatile when it comes to achieving a secure fit.

As they come in four back lengths each varying in 5cm variations  - getting the correct fit for your dog should be extremely easy and also two colours to choose from - Red with Black trim            or           Black with Gold trim.

Below is a picture taken at a recent fitting with a beautiful fawn, male great Dane.

The Danté coat will be available for retail from our Danarmor page, also we will be launching on both Amazon UK & Amazon USA. 

Based on our design and blue print we will also be manufacturing heavy fleece coats towards the end of 2018. 

Stay tuned for more info.


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